Philadelphia's Voices

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A Sea of Cigarettes

Philadelphia has more places, per person, that sell tobacco than New York City, Boston or San Francisco.* In 2011, Philadelphia started requiring a permit to sell tobacco.
19 year old Asian male

Just like the Adults

Of the 10 largest US cities, Philadelphia has the highest rate of youth that smoke
every day.* When parents smoke, their children are more likely to start a daily
smoking habit.*
50+ year old Caucasian female

Once you're dependent on it

Get Healthy Philly has offered free quit smoking counseling and nicotine patches to over 10,500 Philadelphians.
19 year old Asian male

It makes them eye level for younger people

In Philadelphia, 1 out of 3 smokers under the age of 18 buy their own cigarettes. In order to stop this, Get Healthy Philly has more than doubled fines for stores that sell tobacco illegally to youth.
20 year old African American female

I don't really see that now

Get Healthy Philly reached over 7 in 10 smokers with a message they can quit with help through TV, radio and print ads.* That's enough Philadelphians to fill the Wells Fargo Center, home of the 76ers, 9 times!
19 year old Asian male

Equals Maybe a Car

Philadelphians pay less than half the price for cigarettes as New York City residents.
46 year old African American male

Executive Order

Through Get Healthy Philly, in 2011, all 183 playgrounds and pools owned by the City became 100% smoke-free zones.
19 year old Asian male

Unhealthy food is really appealing

Over 600 healthy corner stores are now marketing and selling new fresh and healthy foods like bananas, low-fat milk and lean meats.
50+ year old Caucasian female

Not for people like me

Blacks and Hispanics have more difficulty finding fruits and vegetables in their neighborhood compared to Whites.*
30 year old African American female

I'm Just Eating Death

High blood pressure affects 35% of adults in Philadelphia and almost 1 in 2 African-Americans – unhealthy eating and lack of physical activity are a big part of the problem.
20 year old Hispanic male

Crash and Burn

Philadelphia school children buy, on average, 360 nutrient-poor calories for
just one dollar per corner store visit, and they visit corner stores an average
of 1-2 times each day.*
43 year old African American male

A Pile of Hooey-Dooey

Sweetened juice drinks can have as much sugar as two candy bars.*
50+ year old Caucasian female

We don't need another store like that

Life expectancy in Philadelphia is shorter than the average national life expectancy.*
30 year old African American female

Taking strides to become healthier

For more information visit Food Fit Philly and SmokeFree Philly.
40 year old African American female