Report Illegal Smoking

We are working to de-normalize tobacco use and establish a new social norm where smoking in smoke-free spaces and selling tobacco to youth is not acceptable.

We need the public to get involved and report when they see sales of tobacco to minors, or smoking in designated smoke-free spaces, to help reinforce that Philadelphia residents want to live, work, and recreate in healthier spaces.

To report smoking or e-cigarette use indoors (or at an outdoor dining area), please complete the form below or call 215-685-7340.

Establishment Name:

Establishment Address (please include the zip code if you know it):

Why are you reporting the establishment?
(i.e., a bartender provided an ashtray to a customer)

Date of incident:

Who violated the ordinance: (description of the person)

If you would like follow-up information after we investigate this complaint, please submit your email address or telephone number here.

Your contact information will remain confidential.



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